Takaful Hospitalisation & Surgery Policy (EN)

Takaful Hospitalisation and Surgery Exclusion List

MyCoopMed and MyCoopMed Permata protection certificate does not cover any treatment, surgery or charges at hospital caused by any of the following :

  1. Specified illnesses occurring during the first one hundred and eighty (180) days of continuous coverage.
  2. Any medical or physical condition arising within the first one hundred and eighty (180) days from the date the payment is made.
  3. Plastic/cosmetic surgery, circumcision, eye examination, spectacles and refraction or correction of near -myopic surgery (Radial or Lasik Keratotomy) and the use or acquisition of prosthetic devices or devices.
  4. Dental conditions including dental treatment or oral surgery except as required by accidental injury.
  5. Private care, respite or sanitary care, illicit drugs, sterilization, venereal disease and its aftermath, AIDS or AIDS related complexes and HIV related diseases any infectious diseases.
  6. Any treatment or surgical operation for congenital abnormalities or defects including hereditary conditions.
  7. Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and prenatal or postpartum treatment and surgery, birth control or infertility -related treatment. Erectile dysfunction and tests or treatments related to impotence or sterilization.
  8. Inpatient treatment primarily for the purpose of investigation or treatment that is not medically necessary and any preventive treatment, and specific treatment for weight loss or gain.
  9. Suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self -injury while sane or insane.
  10. War or acts of war, declared or undeclared, criminal or terrorist activities, active duty in any armed forces, direct participation in strikes, riots and riots or insurrections.
  11. Ionizing radiation or radioactive contamination from nuclear fuel or nuclear waste from nuclear fission processes or from nuclear weapons material.
  12. Expenses incurred for organ donation by the covered member and organ procurement costs include all costs incurred by the donor during organ transplantation and its complications.
  13. Investigation or treatment for sleep and snoring problems, hormone replacement therapy and alternative therapies.
  14. Care or treatment for which payment is not required or to what extent is payable by other Takaful cover or indemnity covering covered Members and Disabled Persons arising from employment or profession duties covered under the Workers’ Compensation Takaful cover contract.
  15. Psychotic, mental or nervous disorders.
  16. Cost/expense of non -medical services.
  17. Illness or injury caused by any race (except foot racing), dangerous sports and illegal activities.
  18. Private flights other than as a fare-paying passenger on any commercial scheduled airline.
  19. Expenses incurred for gender transformation.

As Of 31st December 2021.

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